First Sermon of the Buddha: Gandhara

297881001Features indicative of first sermon :

  • dhammachakka mudra: turning the wheel of Dhamma
  • dhammachakka (dhamma wheel)
  • deer in base
  • not indicative: four monks instead of five

other features:

Date: 7thC
Made in: Gandhara  (Pakistan, North West Frontier Province, Gandhara)
Found/Acquired: Ali Masjid (Khyber Pass, Pakistan) (Afghanistan, Ali Masjid)
Materials: steatite (soapstone)
Technique: carved
Dimensions: H 8.5cm

From the museum website: This small openwork panel may have been contained in a portable shrine and represents the First Sermon in a more stylised way than the earlier Gandharan manner.

Full Size Image
Original Museum Website

Ali Masjid


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